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Random Thoughts Thursday


Let’s be honest. By the time Thursday rolls around, I’m lucky if I can string along a coherent sentence. That’s why I like random thoughts, or a big ol’ list of stuff that may or may not matter. They may be about fitness and food or they may just be my pondering the universe type questions.

1. Do you see this? It looks like diced apples, right? Our school participates in a fresh fruit/veggie program and students get a snack each day. Today’s selection was Jicama. It tastes like spicy styrofoam. Now, being the good teacher that I am, I encourage my students to TRY their snack first before deciding they do not like it. Today was no exception. Unfortunately, even the kids who love everything had a physical visceral reaction to this. Nobody finished it.

2018-01-08 09.33.58

2.This holiday season, everyone was going crazy over their air fryers. My mother was like “Don’t worry baby, I got you covered. Here is a gigantic turkey fryer to make REAL fried foods.”. She saved me from a potential fad gadget and provided me with the easiest way to cook our fish that Stephen caught.

 2018-01-11 18.47.472018-01-11 18.49.21

3. I refuse to put up my holiday mugs until weather cooperates. When Alabama is in the teens, I can’t just use a plain boring mug.

2018-01-11 17.50.394. The flu is hitting hard around here. Working in a school means I’m at a higher risk. Time for the ebola tent.

2018-01-12 07.39.06

5. The is the best show on TV. Don’t argue. It’s unreal how the writers keep this show twisting and turning and flashbacking and all that stuff. No matter how chaotic my life may be, I can always count on Raymond Reddington to show me he’s one more level of chaos. Also, the song selections are gold. TheBlacklist-S5-ShowImage-1920x1080-KOThat’s all I’ve got for today. I’m facing a 3-day weekend and maybe some snowy weather. I have to practice my nap face.