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Whole 30 day 2: Yikes…

I woke up feeling exhausted and I had a massive headache. I ate 2 breakfast cups, coffee with coconut milk, and half a banana and slowly trudged to school. I can definitely feel the difference from a couple of days ago. I’m also sore from my return to CrossFit class on Monday.

I’m usually a very introspective thinker when I’m making changes to my diet. The one thing I keep wondering is “how many changes will I keep after the 30 days??” I don’t want to go back to sugar in my coffee, soft drinks, gluten-free treats….every single day, sweet tea, etc. If I get through this time and have retrained my taste buds to LIKE the taste of food without needing to add sugar or white carbs to it, that would be a huge HUGE factor in my health. I’m a diabetic (non-insulin dependent) and I’m addicted to sugar. The addiction got a lot worse after learning I’m dealing with Celiac disease. I felt like I “deserved” more of the things I really like since I could no longer have the wheat products. It is such a mental minefield.

This morning, the coffee tasted horrible, but it eased a little of the headache. One note, I’m drinking more water…to wash down the swamp water. Winking smile

So what did I eat today? Very similar stuff to yesterday. I have NO pictures which tells me I was in a survival fog all day.

Breakfast as described above

Lunch: Chicken soup, orange

Dinner: More chicken soup. That stuff is GOOD!

Snack-more coffee with 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder and 1 Tablespoon of coconut milk.