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What I’ve been up to….

I know it’s been a while. A LONG while. Life has been crazy lately.

We are hiding everything and boxing a lot. The rest is going in the garage. We are putting this house on sale very soon! The past few weeks have been busy with trying to organize and box and move stuff.

2016-02-20 16.52.29

Back in October, we bought property even deeper in the country that this house. Stephen put up his shop. This shop happens to be a little bit bigger in square footage than our current house. He built shelves, work benches, wired the lighting and outlets, and provided the stuff for plumbing. It will have a small bedroom for when he’s on night shift and a small bathroom. We are going to store all our stuff here after the house sells…which could take a few months due to our location away from town.

2016-01-29 17.07.07

We got the driveway down. That small area next to the shop is where the temp housing structure will go. We are thinking about a camper. We will live in that while the house is planned and built.

2016-01-29 17.13.45

That’s what’s been going on and why my blogging came to a sudden stop! But I have drafts ready and plenty of food, running, CrossFit, more moving, more “life”, and races coming up to talk about. Until then, cross your fingers we can sell our house before summer!