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What a week!

Is it fall yet?

My mug says it is.

2016-09-24 06.42.24

This was a very long week at work. Wild kids, apple-tasting frenzys, school dances, and between all that, we are trying to teach them to count and read. Fun stuff, but stressful.

After work yesterday, it was time for my post-Friday reluctance.

2016-09-23 15.29.01

Bag o’ meds. This Mucinex has the real stuff, but don’t come rob me. I’ll shank somebody over my real Sudafed. Epi-pen of controversy. Nothing about this is $600. It’s infuriating what greed does to a person.

2016-09-23 15.35.47

Today is another game day in Tuscaloosa. It’s going to be a HOT game. I have been wanting my stuffed jalapenos for several weeks, but RV stove is TINY. Stephen offered up his grill for the cause.

2016-09-24 15.58.54

Time for the game! Roll Tide Smile