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We’re a Table of Misfits-Pampered Chef

After meeting us a few weeks ago, I can’t believe Kristi Wheeler decided to come back for another Pampered Chef party. This time, we were meeting at my friend Kaye’s house. They have been in their house a little over a year and she was delighted to have all of us over. She even pre-cooked for us because well, let’s face it. We eat. A lot. Often.

Now, the misfit part of this story….we are all teachers. That means we are LOUD. We are used to fighting 29 other voices for ours to rise to the top and be heard so when 7 of us are in a room, it gets loud.  And we always have a story to tell. And we have the gift of humor which means eating and drinking is a dangerous endeavor because it might shoot out of your mouth.  Some people sit back and watch in awe. Others come back for more. Bless your heart, Kristi. You are a good soul.

For tonight’s party, she showed us 3 things: Easy cheese potatoes, appetizer style with a chipotle ranch dipping sauce. Man catchin’ dip with chips. Chocolate dipped peanut pretzel bites. I could eat all 3 without apology.

Cheesy potatoes.

Slice potatoes. Bake in oven on stone (this is the Large Bar Pan. Extremely versatile)





Buffalo chicken dip (Man-catchin’ dip)

Strain a can of chicken breast in the very nifty strainer cup. (I want one.)


Add buffalo or hot sauce and bleu cheese or ranch dressing.


Microwave in Batter Bowl. I love the batter bowl.


Chocolate dipped peanut pretzel bites.


Use the wet/dry measuring cup to measure peanut butter.


Add brown sugar and butter to the peanut butter. I like these slanted measuring cups. While that is going on, melt half a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave (30 sec. at a time) in one of these measuring cups.


Use my new favorite mini-scooper. Put one scoop between 2 Waffle pretzels.


Line them up and get ready to dip.


Dip half of the pretzel bite in the melted chocolate. Once the pan is done, set it on the back porch.  (if it’s cold outside. If you are in Alabama, dig in the deep freezer for some flat space to lay these for about 5 minutes to set.)


Once the food was devoured and plans made for another party in January, we all counted the hours until Christmas vacation! (way too many. so far away). From the Island of Misfits, have a great week and always pamper the chef in your family Winking smile