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The weather isn’t all that’s frightfull…

I’ve got a full-blown kitchen fail on my hands.

And it all starts and ends with these:


These things will NOT melt like the recipe said they would!!

This was a simple recipe. Make a brownie mix. brownies

Get it out of the oven, immediately pour the chips on top and let it melt for about 5 minutes. How hard can that be?


Very hard. The chips would not melt. WOULD NOT. They turned hard. I tried to put them back in the oven (the heating element was off, but the oven was still warm). That didn’t budge them. So then I turned on the broiler. That was stupid. They burned within 2 minutes.

So I made another batch of brownies because I was not going to be denied warm chocolate goodness.

peppermint brownies

And that’s all I’ve got. Why?

Because if you decide to turn off the oven and “let them sit”, the chocolate still burns. This delightful pink concoction turned a distinct brown the color of bayou mud.

I scrounged around until I found some random chocolate chips from eons ago. I ate that with another mug of hot chocolate out of Christmas mug. I really do think I have enough mugs to have a different one from now until Christmas day.

hot chocolate

Laughing all the way
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