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Well this isn’t good. No Joke, either

Something’s wrong with my legs. I thought it was just tight calves from a lot of jumping last week in crossfit. Now I have this sharp pain right where the little arrows point on PF-plantar fasciitis diagrams. I can walk just fine. But 2 steps into a run and the impact feels like someone driving nails in my legs. I even thought it could be shin splints from new shoes that may be too “neutral” for me. But my old shoes are doing the same thing.

I first noticed it Thursday when we tried to run a mile. I got 800 meters and could barely walk. Yesterday, I was supposed to do 10 miles. I got 3 and quit. Today, before I fell in the kitchen and jacked up my back…totally different story, I didn’t get a mile before I quit, then cried. I’ve got a half marathon in 2 weeks. I don’t care if I have to not run an inch between now and then, so long as I can run then.

This makes me ragey and scared. And I don’t like that feeling.

I hope to have better news tomorrow. I’m ready to sleep the rest of this awful day away.