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Meals-Workouts-Goals for April 2-7

One week closer to my half marathon and things are falling apart fast. Please let this week be much better. Otherwise, I’m debating on whether to still go and enjoy the beach and a 13.1 mile stroll or just skip it and enjoy my own pity party.


Sunday-BBQ beans, last of vegetable soup.

Monday– Maple Balsamic roast pork (crock-pot)

Tuesday– Chicken Tortilla Soup

Wednesday-Maple dijon salmon, asparagus, white beans

Thursday-Shanghai Beef stir fry

Friday-Lemon Chicken with noodles

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Monday-Complete rest day other than stretching for possible PF (dreaded plantar fasciitis). I’ve never had PF, but I honestly do not know anybody who has NOT had it at some point. It’s either that or too tight calf muscles from too many jumps in CrossFit last week.

Tuesday- Friday CrossFit (depending on workout), walk/run 3 miles depending on pain.


My attitude stinks this weekend. This new possible injury has sent me into a new realm of insanity. But, in previous semi-crisis-related-to-running, I would let it dominate my whole life and I would live in limbo until I had a sign that I could run again. I can’t do that. So I have several goals this week to keep me on the right track. My aim this week is nothing more than to stay healthy and avoid the emotionally charged sugar/carb binges that are waiting around the corner.

1. When all else fails, stay hydrated. I’m keeping the 1 gallon a day habit that now feels like a habit.

2. TRACK TRACK TRACK…food, workouts…and emotions. No need in hiding them.

3. 3 fruit servings a day.

4. Stay off scale.

5. Take my vitamins and joint stuff. That stress B complex is amazing. So is Vitamin C. I know me. This is the prime week for me to get worried, stressed, and wind up with a spring sinus infection.

Well this isn’t good. No Joke, either
Almost done