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Weekly Menu Feb 24-28

This week, I’m experimenting with new recipes from Cooking Light. My latest edition arrived in the mail and it is full of recipes for Paleo enthusiasts by either being fully Paleo or easily adaptable (leaving out wine or sugar, for example). In the fitness area, racing season is HERE. Now..I need to get busy training. I’m finally well enough to push my lungs and legs to see how far and how hard I can go. I just hope the weather cooperates!


Lunch and breakfast: Roasted sweet potatoes, pan seared chicken thighs, sweet potato sausage quiche

Monday: Bacon-wrapped beef, meaty collards, roasted potatoes.

Tuesday: Mustard glazed chicken, kale with grilled artchokes

Wednesday: Steak soup

Thursday: Slow cooker chicken cacciatore

Friday: Salmon, shaved Brussels with pomegranate

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I have 2 big races in 2 weeks and one of them involves a LOT of burpees. I’m kicking up the training by doing 2 sets of 30 burpees and increasing the daily mileage. My long run of 8 miles on Saturday was good, but slow. I am just testing out my cardio system right now. It was not the worst winter I’ve ever had but the flu doesn’t leave a happy set of lungs behind.

Monday: 2×30 burpees

Tuesday: 2×30 burpees, 8 miles

Wednesday: 2×30 burpees, CrossFit AM, 5 miles PM

Thursday: 2×30 burpees, CrossFit AM, 7 miles PM

Friday: 2×30 burpees, CrossFit STRENGTH WOD.

Saturday: 12 miles AM, 3 x 30 burpees PM,

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Mushrooms
Monday Blues