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Sausage Sweet Potato Quiche

I love having something made ahead of time for breakfast on weekday mornings. If I’m going to CrossFit, I’ll have my usual shake, then eat something after I get to school. If I’m sleeping in, I will maximize every minute of sleep time, and I want something I can heat and eat quickly. This is another fantastic recipe from Danielle Walker‘s first cookbook, Against All Grain.

final fritatta 3


With this cookbook, I have a new arsenal of recipes to try and enjoy. This breakfast recipe will make you wonder if it could get any easier, after tackling one teeny issue…

final mandolin


This is also the first time I ever used a mandolin. My mother had one and all I can remember is she once cut her finger on it. She put it away never to be seen again. Fast forward to a few years ago when Stephen was talking to Grandma about using something to quick slice potatoes. She pulled out her original German V-slicer. It was her back-up replacement in case something ever happened to her first digit remover. Of all things to make sure you have non-stop inventory…she chose this. He and I both were excited (him) and apalled (me). She gave it to him and he has used it often ever since then. Not me. I value my fingertips.

fritatta half

However, he was not here when I needed some thin sliced potatoes. I’m sure I could have done them by hand. But Danielle Walker’s recipe deserves my best effort and my best effort involved a complicated super sharp device that required me to read the instructions before I could even figure out how to take thing apart. Well, I couldn’t read German but I could use the pictures enough to figure it out. By the time I got the thing off the track and the safety helmet thing, I was a sweaty mess. But I got it right!

I promise, this recipe is worth the effort (and possibly the months of therapy because there is no fear like the fear of slicing off a finger).

So, if you need a good recipe for a potluck brunch, read-made breakfast that is faster than drive-thru, or you just want an excuse to play with sharp shiny things, this is your best bet! It reheats beautifully in the oven or microwave, too.

fritatta final

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