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The Week that Never Ends

2018-04-03 07.02.45I honestly do not know which end is up. Let’s start with Monday. I had the day off for a “spring holiday” and had to use the morning to drive Elvira to the Subaru dealership in Birmingham for the routine 30K maintenance. These snazzy new Foresters have all kinds of bells and whistles that I have grown to love and adore more than pie so I stick to the preferred maintenance schedule. I spent my morning looking at these walls.  

2018-04-16 08.12.42

Fun times.

On Tuesday, It’s all a blur. I have no idea what I did except go to school. I’m not sure if I even ate lunch that day. I do remember going outside for garden class and playing with worms. Our school garden is maintained by a local grant with SchoolYard Roots. It is so much fun and the kids learn a lot about gardens and growing our own food.

2018-04-17 10.31.34

Wednesday, our school began state standardized testing. That means the little kids are on basic lockdown until someone does the pee dance so convincingly that I decide it’s time to line up and do the silent walk down the halls to the other side of the building for the bathrooms. The testing labs are right down the hall from Kindergarten and they BLOCK THE K BATHROOMS. What kind of logic is that?

Testing week also means that for the little kids to feel important, we are given a testing classroom to make “motivational messages”. Nobody does that. a motivational message from a kindergartner might be “dinosrs keel peple” or “my mom is awrenge (orange)”.  How is that going to motivate a 5th grader that just wants to go home and eat mac and cheese all day?

Instead, the teachers all get on Pinterest and find the cute little tags and then go blow a big chunk of change for candy. Because nothing says “testing sucks and I hate it for you” like a Blow Pop or Air heads. The little kids have nothing to do with it, but we all just pretend for the sake of not making anybody feel bad for their idea.

2018-04-18 06.50.26

Thursday, it was a half-day field trip the see Peter Pan, Jr. The kids loved it and I, once again, sat amazed at the talent from such a large group of kids ranging in age from 5-18. We try to see one play a year and each time, the kids who have never been to a theater of any kind are just so excited to see our Bama Theater. 2018-04-19 09.00.16

And there it is . The longest week in a long time. There is something about a 4-day school week that just seems to last forever. I have 4.5 more weeks of school and I know they will fly by faster than this week. Happy Friday!