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Then She Was Gone-Book Review

Then she was gone

This is one psychological thriller that really caught me off guard—in a good way.

Ellie is a 15 year old girl who disappeared one day on her way to the library. After a long search, it is assumed that she ran away although her mother, Laurel knows this is not the case. A few years later, the family left in the wake of Ellie’s disappearance is fractured and limping along. They are alternating between trying to move on with life and wanting to know if Ellie is out there somewhere. Laurel and her husband are divorced and she is trying to maintain relationships with her other 2 children and then she meets Floyd.

Floyd, with his easy personality and quirky daughter that happens to look strikingly similar to Ellie. But how can that be?

Lisa Jewell takes us on a ride of twists and turns and more questions in this dark thriller that I read in one day. I couldn’t put it away until I had my answers about what happened to Ellie. While waiting for those answers, I soaked in all the emotions flowing from Laurel’s daughter who is trying to make her way in the adult world. I agonized with Floyd who was pulled into many directions. With the dual POV of Laurel and Ellie, we slowly learned what happened to Ellie and it was heartbreaking. The bittersweet ending provided the closure that Laurel needed and deserved.

I loved this book and I look forward to more from Lisa Jewell. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC for an honest review.