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The post-holiday glow!

Yeah, I don’t have it. I have the post-holiday funk. Because fever and major head congestion decided to invade me again, I’ve done NOTHING the past 2 days other than sleep and rotate between hot and cold baths, watch the entire season 1 of GLEE, and wish my leftover holiday sweets tasted as good as they did when I made them.

I tried to come up with a top 10 list of things I’m going to miss about the holiday season, but then I got depressed so I read a murderous cop killer mystery instead.

I also thought about trying to take down a Christmas decoration or 2. That made me cry so I went back to the book.

I entertained the idea of maybe baking oreo truffles that I didn’t have time to make earlier, but then I passed a mirror and saw my post-holiday face bloat.

I plugged in the treadmill. That’s all. I plugged it in.

I lit some candles but the smell gave me a bad headache instead of filling the room with warm festive glow. Frankie provided the warm festive glow later but not the kind I really wanted. I had to leave the room.

So yes, I think it’s safe to say I’m in a slump.

However…not for long. Smile 

I’ve got a few days before I go back to work and I’ve got a lot to work on. I have several recipes to post (because they are REALLY good!). I have a ton of family Christmas pictures to work on including Jackson pictures!! And I’m ready to start back to working out. My rib is much better and a few more days of letting it heal will be good for me. I have a plan for starting the new year and I am getting excited about it.

So until then, I need coffee and a blanket. The temp reads 43* but the rain and wind makes it feel like negative iceburg. Cheers!