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Stop the hate on Gluten-free

Huffington Post, I’m looking at you.

I’ll be the bitter one of the group. I have no problems whining about having serious anxiety whenever I go out to eat or other peoples’ homes. Or asking my family to be super vigilant about utensils and pans, potholders, cheese cutters/graters, etc. touching gluten-loaded foods. Or never dipping a spoon in a community jar of mayo, pickles, salsa, peanut butter, etc. It’s difficult to meticulously analyze everything I eat and hope the reaction is not severe if there is cross-contamination. By “not severe”, I mean that I hope it’s ONLY crippling headaches and swelling joints/fingers/face and bloating.  Severe means calling in sick to work and hoping the hours on the bathroom floor pass quickly. This has been a very difficult change in my life and sometimes, it just sucks.

So, Huffington Post, forgive me if I have a little animosity directed your way, in the most polite way as possible, for listing “Gluten-free” as a trend you hope disappears in 2013. Do you honestly think we are being “trendy” when we inspect every ingredient on every package of food/drink/condiment? While you do grudgingly admit that maybe there are SOME people who HAVE to be on gluten free diets, I found this statement to be downright asinine, idiotic, ignorant, and plain old’ stupid.

In 2013, let’s eliminate whole nutrients and food groups only when medically necessary.

Yes, because gluten is a whole nutrient and food group???? As we say in the south, That makes about as much sense as tits on a bull.  We still eat bread and pasta, even “whole grain” bread and pasta, just not WHEAT pasta. We still eat grains like quinoa (which is really a seed) and rice. Don’t insult your readers, some of whom may have found better health by eliminating gluten, by telling them they are rocking a “trend” if that trend happens to last for years.

What I find most appalling about your article is you list gluten free in a group with the feeding tube diet and Sensa. Seriously? Gluten-free diets are on the same page as those two?

By the way, you listed CrossFit as a fad, too. You’re now dead to me.