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The Coughing is still really annoying….

…and now it has destroyed my life.

Okay, not quite that bad, but one day soon, I would like to be able to move normally.

About 5 weeks ago, I got a sinus infection. Then I got the flu which turned into bronchitis then I got pneumonia. For 3 weeks, the coughing has been horrendous. Think deep, body wracking, heaving coughing. Voting day was lovely. I was off work because I couldn’t stop coughing, but hey, every vote counts, right? While in line, I was THAT person who everyone hates.

Fast forward to last week. I finally started feeling better and the coughing slowed down and I was finally getting my voice back. Trying to teach without a voice is draining. Then the rib pain started and by night, I couldn’t sit or lie down without feeling like I was being stabbed with a hot knife. Today, the doctor took enough x-rays to diagnose a separated rib or a “costochondral separation”. I’m on massive amounts of anit-inflammatory and some stronger stuff for night, if needed. Frankly, they do nothing at night. I can’t sleep unless I’m lying on my opposite side and propped against pillows. Sleeping in the recliner is actually pretty comfortable…for about an hour.


Post image for Separated Rib (costochondral separation) Timeline

When I asked about recovery time regarding running, he said “the pain will determine healing time”. This is my sports doctor so he wisely chose to give me a vague answer. If he had said “a few weeks”, I would have flipped. Right now, I just want to walk without needing to hold myself.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! The plans are different this year and I need all the rest I can get!

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