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Tea Town Thursday

Today was BRUTAL. I had no snacks in my Subaru. NONE. I was starving since I had to skip lunch and then left my lunch at work. It’s a good thing I have friends who give me pre-packaged bacon for my birthday.

2017-03-23 18.24.51

I have been noticing the Thursday night events at Tea Town Alabama. Since I was close by, I dropped in for a kombucha and to listen to a banjo version of the Nirvanna song Come As You Are. It was glorious! Harvest Roots Ferments kombucha is the best.

 2017-03-23 20.20.16

I’ve mentioned before that Tuscaloosa has been undergoing an area-wide foodie transition. We are getting more restaurants that range from farm-to-table, Paleo, sustainable, local, etc. Instead of just new bar foods, we are getting some hipster and health-conscious places, too. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sit-down at Wilhagens like the rest of T-town. But I love love LOVE seeing the variety of places (and trucks!) that are coming up around town.

Along with that growth, there are more and more places to hear good live music. On any night of the week, you can find live music somewhere. Tea Town Alabama often has poetry readings and live music. With the quaint courtyard area, I can get my favorite tea or kombucha and sit outside and let time stop for a while. That beats zoning out in front of a blue screen any day.

2017-03-23 20.34.47

Countdown to Friday begins!