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Friday Favorites 31

This week’s Favorites brought to you by coffee. Also, this week is a list of things I WANT to try. Call this my Friday Future Favorites-I-hope-to-like-because-I’m-buying-them.

1. Death Wish Coffee. It boasts to be the strongest, but with low acidity, and most flavorful cup of joe I’ll ever grace my lips with. I can’t wait to put it to the test. All I know is they have some fantastic memes/graphics.

 2017-03-25 07.50.22

2. Highest Potential

I’m becoming more and more convinced in the potency of oils. I’ve experienced fantastic results with my upper respiratory infections and acute pain relief with headaches and muscle aches. But is that ALL they can do? (And, no, I’m still not selling them. I’m a Bargain Betty, buying wholesale for my own benefit). But I am very intrigued by the connection between smell, skin absorption, and the brain.

I have read studies on the results of using nootropics (brain enhancement supplements) to increase memory, mental stamina, reduce free-radical damage/inflammation damage, increase oxygen flow, and many more effects. I am VERY intrigued by using essential oils for natural nootropic effects. I’m trying to decrease my dependency on medical prescription drugs, not increase them for extra brain function. I’ve ordered this in my next shipment from Young Living so we shall see what happens. Worst case, it’s nothing but good-smelling air fresheners. Best case, natural brain boosting functions to combat some of my adult-attention issues that seem to be getting much worse as I get older.

Image result for young living highest potential

3. Erin Condren life planner covers.

It’s not a secret that Erin Condren planners are always with me. I have many. I use them all. I’m still begging her team to release one of her graphic designs as a wallpaper so I can use it on my craft room. (c’mon….I’ll sell a kidney for it!!). And in a few weeks, I’ll be in Nashville chatting it up with EC again.  I ordered this cover from an AWESOME designer on Etsy. Lauren Phelps Designs is a great shop for planners. I usually buy my covers direct from EC, but I thought this one was perfect for how those of us in the Wild community feel about….the wild community.

Official Go Wild Merchandise Llama Laminated 10 mil Planner Cover for Erin Condren, Recollection, Plum Paper, LimeLife, & others

4. Ketogenic Cookbook

I’m not ditching Paleo, I promise. I am experimenting with combining Paleo, which is NOT technically a low carb diet, with a Ketogenic plan. That means I’m textbook Paleo+dairy. And that dairy is strictly limited to butter, heavy whipping cream, sour cream, and occasional cream cheese. I’m also sticking with the organic, grass-fed stuff. After my brush with diabetes, I’m experimenting with intentional low carb/high fat ketogenic plan.  Jimmy Moore is the undisputed king of keto so I’m starting with his Keto Clarity and this cookbook.

5. Keto blood meter

I’ve been using the pee sticks to check for ketones. Those stop working after a while once you’ve become adapted to using ketones. I’m a numbers/data geek so I’m very interested in using blood draw meters. The only drawback is the strips are crazy expensive. The other major brands has the sticks for 3$ each. With this special from Nova Max, the strips are $1.50 each. I won’t be testing as often, but I have enough to last for a few weeks to see the changes and ranges.

Free Meter w/purchase of  2 boxes of ketone strips

6. Trader Joe’s Chicken burgers.

I just want to know if they are good. Ingredients look good. Might as well try them out.

 Image result for trader joe's chicken burgers

That’s all I’ve got on my hope-to-be-favorites list. Some of these are ordered and some are on payday list. Happy Friday!