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Superfoods-breakfast and snacks

This morning, I remembered that I’m trying to incorporate as many superfoods into my day. Well, dinner is a pork loin with rutabagas and carrots, and, while good and healthy, they do not contain any foods from the original list.

Breakfast was oatmeal with almond butter, flax and gingerbread granola. I’m amazed that in a few short weeks, I found a surefire way to absolutely adore oatmeal. 🙂



Snacks today included walnuts, green tea, and an orange. Lunch was a spinach salad with chicken. Taking pictures of my food at school is difficult. I teach kindergarten and by the time I get them through the line, all their stuff opened, and my food warmed up, I have maybe ten minutes to eat. I could take the picture while packing my food each morning.


Dinner is in my brand new Le Creuset GREEN French oven. I have debated this thing for years….literally. Just like Lola (red mixer), I’ve waited a long time to make sure I would use one.  My birthday is coming up and I’ve always gotten money from family because I like to use it for spring clothes. This year, I’m using it on my new pot. I’ve got clothes that I barely wore last summer/fall because I put on weight….and now I can fit back into them. Why buy new when I’ve got smaller sizes just waiting on me?



Roasted pork loin with rutabagas and carrots.





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