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I thought I would have a full day in my classroom this morning. But after some late-night text and facebook messages, I had to be at a meeting at 7AM!

Breakfast on the road. I knew from previous years that the breakfast is buffet-style and would be carb (wheat) heavy. There was a tinker’s chance in hell that I would get a plate of bacon and fruit without gluten contamination. It’s too close to back-to-work time and I can’t take any chances.

steves paleo

Adopt-A-School breakfast. (shameless plug: if you have or work in a business, look into your district Adopt-A-School program. There are benefits for both components of a business-school partnership!)


Door prize winner! And trust me…nothing….NOTHING is more precious than school supplies and PAPER! Well…a gift card to Starbucks might be higher but not by much!


After meeting with our Adopters and getting some plans for this year, I went to my room for a couple of hours to tackle a project or two. I knew I wouldn’t have long because I was meeting some friends for lunch and then going home after.

My last indulgent lunch for a while. Whole 30 starts Thursday! This is enchiladas. And this is NOT the restaurant pic. I inhaled them before I got pics. I’m still getting back into the habit of daily meal food photography. This is, however, the closest resemblance! These are my grandmother’s and nobody can make them better.


I got another home cleaning project finished.



+ this


= a big mess. And I’m not showing the inside of this entertainment cabinet. It’s horrifying. I want to get all the DVDs back in their cases and the cabinet all organized again. It may take a couple of days. I get so distracted while housecleaning. I have no idea why.

I finally got a run in! It was effective in helping clear out the lungs but after, I was gasping for air for a couple of hours. It felt like I was trying to get a breath through paper lungs.  3.4 miles!

2014-07-30 01.25.26

For dinner, I wanted to cook something to go with salad. I had some leftover tomatillo chicken+sauce and I am craving fall foods lately. The weather is helping me with that. I opened up the house and let the cool fresh air flow in JULY! I decided on soup. I love it year round. I was in the mood to get my hands busy with the knife. I wanted the soothing routine of taking lowly humble veggies and homemade broth + great seasonings and spices to create a pot of comfort soup. I am much more anxious about school this year and it has nothing to do with 25+ kids. So, I needed good food and Season 2 of GLEE queued up. I’m going back a couple of years to the better episodes before it got weird and sad.




Simple salad with greens, shredded carrots and cucumbers with cheese.

soup salad 2

Time for some good sleep! Hot bath for sore legs included a side of tea. My teavana stash is dwindling. I will fix that this weekend with a trip to Birmingham. Is it too early for orange harvest spice?? Hurry Fall…hurry!