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The Ancestral Table: Shepherd’s Pie

One of the things I commonly hear from people about Paleo is that our food is boring. I see that sentiment daily via social media.  When I see or hear thoughts like that, I just want to invite them to my house and look through my cookbooks, pictures, refrigerator, even the freezer. I want to pull them to my freezer to gaze at the beauty of frozen paleo meals that I made myself and full of good nutrition. Then I want to sit them at my table and show them all the recipes and pictures. I’m no professional, but I can get the point across that good food looks good on a plate.

Like this one from The Ancestral Table. Is there anything better than a hot iron skillet, direct from the oven, waiting to be enjoyed?  This is a recipe from one of my newest (and fast becoming a top 5) cookbooks. When I think of Russ Crandall, I think of little bites of chicken heaven. I’m sure he wants to be known for more than that, so I’m working my way through his book and not complaining at all.

This is a Shepherd’s Pie recipe that was perfect on a frigid night. It a paleo-friendly recipe in that it uses white potatoes. These are not French fries or potato chips, but real potatoes whipped into submission and then browned in an oven. If only all potatoes could could live that dream.


The original recipe also uses green peas…but around here, green peas are only used in times of dire circumstances. Like that one time I made Tuna Wiggle when Stephen complained about eating chicken AGAIN. Since we were not in the midst of a culinary domestic battle and retaliation, green peas didn’t make the final cut.


Table manners, on the other hand, flew out of the window. While this was cooling on the stove, my spoon had to sample it. And it kept right on sampling. He even walked by and tried it. “Got to see if it’s safe for human consumption….lemme check again…one more time”.


It was glorious. Full of flavor, great balance of seasoning without feeling cluttered, not too acidic, and just plain good. It is perfect for a quiet evening home or when the parents come over for a casual dinner. I loved the beautiful presentation of the browned potatoes.

Want to know more? Buy The Ancestral Table and check out his blog,The Domestic Man.