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Running challenge week 2

Week 2 recap of the 6 month Running challenge:

Week 2 was rough with all the holiday craziness and nagging sinus infection that seems to have settled in for the entire winter. I got 3 runs and 1 crossfit workout in and only because of this challenge. I have this slight pain still in my calf from the marathon and I’m hoping this complete rest week (week 3) will help.

I love this challenge. It is something to keep me from meandering along and skipping a lot of maintenance runs. I still haven’t nailed down any spring races other than Twisted Ankle but that may be the only one I do. I have some crossfit goals I need to work on and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what strength I’ve gained is what got me to the finish line. I need to get stronger, especially in my core, back and legs. Any disproportionate strength is not good for my IT band.

This week is a complete rest week. I’m hoping the sickness goes away and my legs get a good break. Looking forward to week 4!


It was a very merry Christmas
Black Eye Peas please


Friday 30th of December 2011

Awesome! So glad you like this challenge too! I am loving it and it is exactly what I need to stay on track and keep to my mainenance runs and my longer runs too. At this point, normally, I'd only be running 3-4 miles tops, but aiming for 7 today is crazy to me (since I usually re-ramp up for spring and summer and wouldn't hit that until at least June!)