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Runnin’ down a dream…

I love when a plan comes together.

The plan I’m referring to is the “get your junk together and start living again” plan. It’s working. It seems the key to such a plan is to put on running shoes. Go outside or to the treadmill. Make legs run. Enjoy the effects. Repeat the following day. Before I know it, I’ll be back to racing shape again. But until then, I’m just enjoying the steps and miles along the way.

2015-09-03 07.18.11

Fall weather is here for a few days Smile I plan to enjoy every possible minute I can, no matter how terrible my latest sinus infection and allergies seem to be. I still have a lot of never-ending congestion in my head and chest. I’m not ready for winter flu season, but I’m not loving the fall allergy season.

My fall cover for my planner is here! I used my own pictures from vacations, Instagram, and facebook uploads. I love looking at this and walking down memory lane. We usually take a few trips each fall to the beach or mountains or wherever the “race-cation” takes us. I love fall races and Stephen loves any road trip so we both look forward to our fall travels.

ec fall

The mid-week is over and now we are looking straight ahead to the first home football game! Happy Thursday!