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Happy Labor Day!

It’s the unofficial end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Finally, the days are getting a little shorter and hopefully the weather will cooperate soon. Today was a total rest day, snooze day, nothing too hectic day. I have almost whipped this sinus infection into submission so I hope I’m all better by work tomorrow.

I have been eyeing these mugs for over a year at our local Broken Egg Café. I’m glad I waited so I could get this two-tone purple beauty.

2015-09-06 08.36.19

This morning, I opened up the pumpkin spice coffee that I got from my first trip to Fresh Market. Before the heat got to unbearable, I had a big cup of this with the latest L.L. Bean catalogue. I remember when Stephen shared his fall catalogue. We were in college and I had never heard of L.L. Bean. But I knew I wanted any future house to look like the Maine cabins in that book. Of course, I would be a tall blond goddess wearing cable sweaters, Bean Boots, and flannel.

Obviously, those fantasies didn’t quite happen. I’m still an almost short, not near as slender, redhead that has collected a ton of sweaters, riding boots, and flannel shirts from college. This morning was a great trip down memory lane.

2015-09-07 07.15.23-1

A friend of mine travelling to Texas for the game sent me this pic. I could see myself wearing that shirt. Everywhere.

2015-09-05 11.04.55

Stephen cooked dinner tonight, which means he grilled stuff. Jalepenos, giant steaks, potatoes, and an onion. We had enough for both of us to have lunch tomorrow.

2015-09-07 19.18.26-1


Runnin’ down a dream…