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Recovery, relief, and coming together

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It’s been over a week and things are still sad, still scary, still chaotic, but also still hopeful. I’m hanging on to the hope right now.


The gym, preschool, educational building, and lower classrooms.


Front entrance


This was the first day after the tornado hit. We had a few boxes of ice and Mr. Mike started cooking. That afternoon, we were feeding the neighborhood who was still in shock. People were hungry and homeless but didn’t feel that they should just take food from “people who needed it more than I do”. We had to convince them that THEY are the ones who needed it.


A couple of days later, we had a ton of water and were delivering food to other areas that had complete devastation.

church relief2

A day later, we had enough food to make family food bags, ice, water, and medical/hygiene supplies. The delivery trucks made many trips during the day.


Some places didn’t have damage, but had days with no water or power. They needed help, too.


One of our many heroes.

How long will we continue our relief and recovery efforts?


Until we are no longer needed. This is our town and its up to efforts like ours to take care of our people.

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