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We interrupt this Disaster Recovery to bring you..Food.

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I used to wonder if I was obsessed with food. After all, I think going to Publix is one of life’s greatest luxuries. I definitely eat with my eyes first and a good healthy grocery store is something that I have taken for granted since moving to Tuscaloosa. I read about food, love to cook food, and love eating a meal with family. I think the family meal is something to be enjoyed, not rushed, even on the nights we eat in front of the TV.

Lately, our meals have been few and far between. This past week, I think I ate in the school cafeteria (hello sodium and fat) every day and that was my largest meal of the day. After school, I leave immediately to our church to help with the disaster relief efforts. We have a group from Florida who is operating the cooking RV and we serve/deliver about 1,000 meals a day on average. We also have a supply tent for people who are displaced or in temporary shelters.

But, I have taken a effort to get some nutrients in our bodies. I got to a point where I realized we haven’t been eating right and it’s affecting our ability to help with recovery efforts. It’s amazing how life drastically changes in so many ways when disaster and tragedy and chaos takes over. Yes, I now have power and water back on. But it’s very hard for me to just come home and cook and pretend everything is ok when right now, it’s not. People are suffering down the road from my house and I can help. So…I am.

We took this morning to stay home and try to rest before our 3pm worship service. Because our building is destroyed, we are using another building for the afternoon. I made a huge steak and potato fritata with lots of veggies and some fruit on the side. We need real protein and fresh food. I also whipped up a green shake with spinach, fruit, protein, and wheatgrass. It’s basically vitamins and fruit in liquid form. I knew we needed a quick infusion of nutrients.


Shredded baked potato left over from another night when I made it…but wasn’t hungry enough to eat it. I added peppers, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and herbs.


Sliced steak from another night. It was very tender so I hoped it would work in this dish. Chopped parsley from the garden!


2 big slices for both of us with melted cheddar.


I think I ate two bowls of this. I was shoveling in fruit as fast as I could.