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Rainy day for pancakes

For a long awaited Saturday, it sure was off to a muggy start. The rain is in the forecast, but that didn’t matter. We had tickets to a very late Alabama-Ole miss game and a whole day to get some things done around the house.

Things like making gluten-free pancakes for me. Spelt pancakes for him.


I am not going to attempt making my own GF pancake mix. I gladly bought one and made the mix according to directions. Then added my favorites.

1 Teaspoon of maple extract. It’s what gives them that hint of pancake house on a cold day feel to them.


Extra spelt flour for him. And then he stirred and mixed while I took off my HAZMAT suit and washed my hands for the 5th time.


This is almost too thin for me. I like a thicker batter but it must have some spread-ability to it. Adding the blueberries will make it more dense.


I have found the frozen Target Archer Farms wild Maine blueberries work the best for this. They are smaller, but pack a great flavor and zing!


Let them cook almost completely over medium low heat. When the shiny is gone, the bottoms should be cooked and browned enough to turn easily.


Add some butter and real maple syrup.


And try not to complain about how eating GF is SUCH A sacrifice. Because nobody will believe you with your face stuffed with these. 🙂

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