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CrossFit-The Next Chapter

There are quite a few characteristics about CrossFit that draw you in and make you want to come back for more. Whether it’s the group dynamic, the gut-wrenching workouts, the daily challenge to make yourself “better than yesterday”, or maybe the quick results that you definitely can see and feel, CrossFit IS the best fit for many people.


But no matter what draws you in, there is one thing that makes CrossFit unique. The Box. It’s where you leave it all on the floor after the clock counts down to 0:00:00. It’s where you walk in and know something great is going to happen. Or something so challenging it can’t be finished…today. And knowing you gave it all but still have a ways to go is in itself great. It’s the difficult that makes it great. It’s where you don’t need it to be easy, you just need it to be possible. Dreams are reached. Goals met. Challenges issued. Wars within yourself fought. It’s where that little voice inside you is dying to be heard finally IS heard loud and clear. And that little voice of doubt is slung around the room and left silent at the end of the WOD for another day.

The Box is personal. It’s real. It’s not always pretty. But it’s always real.


And we are about to find a new home. A new real. A new battleground. A new podium with plenty of room at the top for those goals that can take months and years to achieve.

With mixed emotions, over the course of a few weeks, our trainers have been working hard to help move the whole gym and the CrossFit Box to a new location. We’ve outgrown the current one. And it’s exciting to get a new space. It’s also a little sad.CrossfitNR5

This is the place where many of us completed our very first Wod. I clearly remember mine. It was Friday in the late summer. It was 100m of walking lunges. I could barely walk the next morning. By Monday, I was back for more.

And now over 2 years later, it’s time to tackle more challenges.CrossfitNR10

The Dragon Boat races this past April were phenomenal. And CrossFit took home the first and 3rd place. We certainly caused a stir that day.


Our fearless leaders and various pics of the insanity.


We have kids, grandmothers, young college aged, middle aged, firefighters, previous UA football players, doctors, teachers, ministers, retired, and everything in between. And all of us lift these bars and with each thruster, we are working to make ourselves better. It’s so much more than physical.


This rope has torn many skins. But ask the people who touched the ceiling if it was worth it? If you can find them mingling around on that 9th cloud 😉


Assistance bands. The bridge to independent pull-ups. And to rhabdo.


Who doesn’t love double unders? Some of us love them so much, we bought our own ropes. Again faster or Rouge fitness?



The Whiteboard. It’s the proof. The results. The agony. The dread or the anticipation. Who knew a simple board could make such an impact?


And so one dark early morning, we started moving out the tools of torture. The instruments that can build strength and character. Or the box that strikes fear into the heart of the former basketball player still missing a layer of shin skin. One day I’ll overcome that fear and jump that box.



Medicine balls. They will hurt. No way to get around it.   They will fall back and hit you in the nose. Fall on your feet. And make those quads and hams beg for mercy.CrossfitNR18

The plates. This is where you can see quick results. Adding a 2.5lb plate on each end can make a world of difference. Seeing that extra weight on the whiteboard is an amazing feeling. Sometimes you think you could have gone with a little more. Sometimes you wonder how in the world you added a whole 5lbs and finished it while still maintaining form. Either way, it sure beats laying at home on the couch.

Of course, these are multi-functional. Stack them up and jump them. String them on your back using pull up bands for weighted pull ups. Stack a few to use as a head guide for handstand push ups. Or haul them 1×1, 2×2, or on a bar out to the back parking lot so they can be carefully moved to a new home.


In a few days, we will step into the new box and attempt the first workout. And it will be something great, I just know it. And at some point, all of us will look back to our previous home and remember those wide ranging emotions that make CrossFit the final answer for so many of us. Then we will look forward and forge ahead, imagining the greatness that could be ours if we just keep working, no matter where we are. We will do it with our group. With our trainers. Within ourselves.


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