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Pneumonia Monday

2018-03-04 23.30.47

You know those days when you just know deep down in the marrow of your toes that it’s going to be a trying day? I mean, I try to be one of those glass-half-full people so I won’t assume it’s going to be a total crap fest. But I know it won’t be stellar.

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Exhibit A. The 10 year old canon gave up the final ghost. Done. And I feel like I might be missing an extra appendage. I’ve had a camera within grabbing distance for 10 years. Knowing this one won’t work anymore is a little terrifying.

Speaking of terrifying, I think Stephen needs this. He would find the humor in it. After almost 20 years of teaching (I started teaching when I was 12, obviously….) he’s honestly the best teacher spouse. It definitely takes a lot of understanding to deal with the working weekends thing and bringing home the “job”.

2018-03-05 16.45.28

After these past few weeks of being sick, I’m back here at the ENT to check into allergy testing. I’ve had numerous sinus consultations and all the docs say my sinus cavities are fine, my nasal passages are fine, and I’m not a great candidate for sinus surgery. That’s good because I will NEVER do that surgery. I absolutely mean NEVER.

Most of the doctors say my issues are allergy-related and it’s time to try immunotherapy. They worked great in Memphis after 2 years of consistency, but then we moved. I’ve tried them once here. My after-school tutoring schedule and my infrequent asthma just didn’t work. I could only get shots on Fridays and if I didn’t have good peak flow results, I couldn’t get a shot.

So now, I’m knocking off one of my days of tutoring. so I’ll have 2 days a week to get good peak flow and my shots. I was getting 4 at a time and I needed them twice a week.

Today, we just had a consultation. I was all ready to do the consult and schedule the allergy test, and zip on home to the opening episode of UnReal. Silly me.

However…the doctor, being a doctor, noticed I didn’t look well. I tried to pass it off as teacher-tired but he wasn’t falling for it. 20 minutes and 2 X-rays later, I got a pneumonia and sinus infection diagnosis and a NO ACTIVITY order. I could work as long as I tried to “rest” when I could. Hello, I teach Kindergarten. Rest is when I get to go pee by myself. 2018-03-05 15.40.04-1

Happy Monday. 4 more days until Spring Break. I can do this.