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Sometimes I Lie-Book Review

sometimes I lie

I bought this book by accident. My stupid iPhone was on a ghosting spree and clicked one-click Amazon. I really shouldn’t say those words I said when this book downloaded to my kindle. I should have just buckled up and grabbed snacks for this ride.

Sweet baby Moses, this book left me staring at the last page and needing to find a whiteboard and markers to try to map out what I just read in color-coordinated twists and turns. It’s that good.

I rarely use this word when describing a book, but this one was brilliant. Not exactly in a giddy HEA way, but in a thought-provoking way.From the character development to the “sometimes I lie” angle, this one was brilliant.

THE ENDING!! What in the world? Did she or didn’t she? Maybe HE did it. Wha? Wait….what???? No, that can’t be right. Maybe it could?

It must be stated that if you want a nice predictable mystery with a neatly tied up ending, forget it. This one will keep you guessing and you have to be okay with that before reading this. But trust me, you WANT to be okay with it.

I’ll say it plainly. I liked Amber and I liked how she carried out the last events (until the last page when Alice Feeney throws us a freaking 3 ring circus to consider). Listening to her family and friends carry on conversations while she was in a coma, she heard and experienced some disturbing things. She didn’t wilt away and cower in her itchy hospital ensemble. She woke up, took note of her life,  made some decisions and got her damn ducks in a row. For the sake of this being fiction, I don’t care how she got hers at the end. I was cheering her on the whole time.

As for the ending. I feel like this could be an adult version of Choose Your Own Adventure, psychosis-style. For some, the ending will irritate or even anger some readers for not having cut-and-dried closure. Without spoiling anything, just know there is room for discussion and wavering opinions on who, what, and why.

Sometimes I Lie. However, this review is the truth.