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Officially Fall


I’m still alive after a whirlwind August that involved lots of wet shoelace tying, paper filing, bus tag cutting, and general back-to-school chaos. While the weather around here still screams “SUMMER FOREVER!!”, the calendar says I can finally show the world my fall decor that has been up so long, it now needs dusting.

The coming of September is exciting because of all the fall things that I seem to enjoy more each year. Even Starbucks graciously accommodated my schedule. I made a doctor’s appointment a year ago. It happens to be the same day as the long-awaited release of the Pumpkin Spice things. We call it “PSL”, right Leaf-Rakers? Winking smile 

But fall also means more fun things in all the worlds I live in. Running, especially. Look out because I’m racing again and my first fall race is coming up SOON.

Now, I’m going apple picking.

2019-08-27 08.29.24