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Running and Running

2019-07-27 09.16.47August is moving along quickly. I’ve had my head stuck in Kindergarten world for the past couple of week and I’m just now coming up for air.

2019-08-21 06.25.10Between starting back to school, trying to hold off sinus infections and strep throat (THIS EARLY???) and maintaining the laundry, I’ve not had as many morning training sessions as I wanted.

But, after many years teaching, I know this about August. It’s always such a time drain and running takes a back seat.  Not only because I’m eating and sleeping school, but the weather rarely cooperates. It’s so miserably hot and the humidity makes everyone want to lie around like slugs. I need fall air asap!2019-08-19 06.31.20Some mornings, Atlas would join me on the treadmill after I was finished. We usually head outside to take a couple of laps around our property. But, with later mornings and the humidity outrageous even before sunrise, we’ve been stuck inside.

So what’s next on the racing front? I have a half-marathon for December planned. I’ve never participated in a holiday themed race so I’m very excited about this one. I’ve also got my eye on a few regional races with BibRave.

Fall is almost here and the racing weather is just around the corner!