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New Endings


2016-03-25 09.02.28

Today is the day. We closed on our house. This was our very first house that bought in 2005, 4 months after we moved to Tuscaloosa. I honestly thought we would be here forever unless we had 5 kids. This is where we brought Frankie home, where he build his shop from the ground up, where we had the bright idea to refinish a table we bought from a lady in Memphis. We’ve had our share of heartbreaks but so many more laughs.

This picture is the one that broke me. I have spent the past 2 weeks extremely sick from flu, bronchitis, then double pneumonia. I celebrated my birthday passed out from cough medicine. I do not remember much about how we managed to get all our stuff out and this house cleaned. But this picture of Stephen doing a last walk through got my attention and it finally hit me that this was our last time in our amazing little house.

2016-03-24 21.50.38

So what’s next? We are now living in an RV that is sitting right by our shop. The shop is about the size of a volunteer fire department bay. It’s huge. It’s holding all of our stuff and will soon hold his boat. We are going to live here on the property while we design and build our last house.

But for now, we sleep. He goes into a 14 day shutdown at work and I return to work on Monday. We are exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. Selling a house in 2 hours and moving out in 21 is daunting, but we did it!

A brief hiatus..I promise.
New Beginnings