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New Beginnings


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Here is what we started with. The shop is huge, but so is all our stuff. All the furniture is here and everything else we own. Over the next week, we hope to organize it and get a small sitting area ready next to the fridge, washer dryer, large sink for washing dishes.

2016-03-25 10.18.04

Here it is about a week later. Couch and treadmill, our recliners, dining area set up when we have family over, the “box closets”, shoe organizer for some of my running shoes, and chest of drawers for stuff we need, but not everyday stuff.

2016-03-31 18.56.58

I have found a few things that I really like about our RV. This spice pull-out is amazing. I want to build something like this in the new house. I have all my Penzeys in clear view and organized by savory, heat, and sweet/baking.

2016-03-25 14.55.22

Cooking on the tiny RV stove is taking some getting used to.

2016-03-25 20.28.44

If I see one more box, I just might cry. I’m so sick of taping and opening and packing and tearing down boxes.

2016-03-30 20.36.15

Frankie is not happy, but he’s getting better. The first couple of days were rough. He cried a lot. I did too. He’s busy exploring his new tiny space. Normally, we do not let him on the tables. He’s always had free reign of the top of the couch but he hasn’t found that spot yet in the RV. Because we do have such a smaller space, his only “off-limits” is the kitchen counter/stove area. This large TV area has caught his attention.

2016-03-29 21.09.09

2016-03-29 21.09.40

A few days after we moved, my friends took me out for my belated birthday dinner. Normally, my birthday is a great excuse to have a party. St. Patrick’s Day and always during Spring Break is a great time to celebrate. But I was too sick this year. So my Shrimp and Grits had to wait a couple of weeks.

2016-03-31 18.00.24

We are slowly getting adjusted to our new place and no we haven’t made one decision on the house. Right now, it would look like 15 clowns in a car designed it. We are so overwhelmed!