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My butt is sore..CrossFit Chronicles.

Gotta love returning to strength training…and running. For more info on CrossFit, see this post.

It’s no secret that I’ve been going to CrossFit classes for almost 2 years and I took a brief break after the marathon. I was sore from that and I got sick with sinus/bronchitis the next day and so I took a couple of  weeks to let my body just deal with everything. I was also on the watch for any flare ups with rhabdo. Now that I’m headed back to work, I knew it was time to get serious about knocking out some crossfit goals while maintaining winter running.

First goal: survive the return. One class works the core like nothing else. It doesn’t matter what the class involves, my abs will be sore. It will hurt to roll over, pee, or take a good breath. And yet I love doing this to myself for some strange reason.

Second goal: increase that weight! We do Olympic style lifts and I’m ready to load up the bar for more. I’m currently deadlifting 135# and I want to increase that and my back squat which is 110# currently.

Third goal: Box jumps. I had a nasty incident with jumping boxes in basketball one year. I took some hide off my leg and still have the scar to prove it. Right now, I’m jumping stacks of plates. I’m getting that stack higher and closer to the height of the box…but that box just scares the bejeebus out me.

Today’s workout was AMRAP in 20 minutes. Each round was 9 pull ups, 12 deadlifts and 3 push jerks.  I got 5 rounds in the first 10 minutes with only kipping for my pull ups. After the first 10 minutes, my trainer told me to cut the arm work and only do deadlifts and jerks. I got 7 rounds for a total of 12 rounds of modified work.

Later tonight I ran 3.7 before eating a big bowl of soup and rolls while watching Biggest Loser. At the time of writing, my glutes and hams are letting themselves be heard.

ETA: got some arm swelling again…just from hanging from the bar!! And maybe some light kipping/swinging.

See that swelling at the elbow. My arm isn’t supposed to dip in on the left side or bulge out on the right side so much. This is minor swelling, nothing like last time, but I’m drinking a metric ton of water just to be safe.


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Sarah Kay Hoffman

Saturday 30th of March 2013

Nice! Are you still doing a lot of crossfit?


Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

Yes I am! I love it so much for what it does for keeping my legs free from IT band injury so I can still run as much as I want. I love the badass factor, too. :D


Tuesday 10th of January 2012

My brother, who's big into Cross Fit, tried to get me to do a Box Jump. I couldn't do it! I'm afraid of "skinning the hide off my legs" like you described. I made Box Jumping one of my new year's goals :-)


Wednesday 4th of January 2012

My butt hurts too!!! And hamstrings... Lol oh CF! Keep drinking water and take care of yourself :)


Wednesday 4th of January 2012

Thanks. I sent a pic to Chris and he said my WOD tomorrow is "water, more water, and cool down with water". I'm changing my name to I.P Freeley.