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Let’s sweat some more

I’ve been back home for about 3 days and let’s just say, I’m feeling ridiculous for complaining about snow in Utah. I would love to be sitting by the campfire in 3 inches of snow right about now. I’m not ready for this humidity, but just like every year, I’ll complain for a day or 23 and then I’ll be back to loving and appreciating my home state of Alabama.

The vacation depression is in full swing. I need to clean the house, unpack, go to the grocery store, unpack, sort the mail, unpack, and cook some food. Instead, I think I’ll go workout for a bit and see how bad all the vacation sugar and potato chips look under a sweaty Tshirt.

After this workout, I was appreciative of breathing. And I didn’t even do the running part of this workout. It was more of a walk/shuffle. My knee is so jacked up from the fall on the ice.

july 1












I don’t have much to say on the food for today. I am still eating leftovers from the freezer that I VERY WISELY made before we left. I know me. I knew I would feel absolutely deplorable for a few days after vacation so I made some easy-to-heat meals. This is what the chicken, mushrooms, and outstanding cream sauce looked like before I cut it up and added rice to the bowl. It was filling and good and better than the restaurant-soybean-oil-salt-lick dishes I’ve been eating lately.

chicken mushrooms 2 small 600~


I hope to get back in the regular routine of cooking and working out with CrossFit and running. I have marathon training around the corner and I’m not sure how this knee is going to handle all that.

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