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Swiss Almond Ice Cream

2014-06-05 22.00.56-2

A few weeks ago, I opened this book to look at all the recipes that I could make that would not involve dairy or gluten. Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago, I’ve drastically scaled back my dairy since the proteins in dairy can cause issues for people with gluten intolerances. It’s almost like the proteins mimic gluten protein and the gut lining has trouble detecting the difference. My one big hold on dairy has been heavy cream in my coffee and ice cream in the summer. I had noticed that while on vacation, we would eat a lot more ice cream than a normal summer week at our house. And my body didn’t like the additional dairy. This year, I cut down on my ice cream to only eating it twice in 28 days and there was a big improvement.

So how to you make dairy free ice cream? With coconut or almond milk. Using a little fruit and flavor, non-dairy milk, and natural thickener like gelatin, which is good for your bones anyway, I can have a bowl of ice cream ready in 30 minutes.

This is Swiss Almond and Kelly has the recipe on her site, The Spunky Coconut. I know with the temps nearing boiling, I’ll be using my handy little ice cream maker a LOT more often. Yes, I bought it just to try these recipes. I knew I would make more ice cream if I could make it dairy free and delicious. Thanks, Kelly, this book is a winner!

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