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Let me cough at you later.


My view on a Thursday afternoon.



Do doctors ever really use these? I remember as a child wondering who the lucky kids were who got to eat all those popsicles and pudding pops because they never offered one to me. Hey, I was like 4 or 5 when I was going to all those ear, nose, throat docs. The only use for wooden sticks was to eat a popsicle. So you can guess my reluctance to let them use a stick that some kid already eaten the popsicle off. Docs thought I didn’t want a stick shoved down my throat. No, I just didn’t want sloppy seconds. 


Why keep this around? They have the digital ones that seem to think my arm should be the size of a gnat’s femur before it can accurately read my bp. I like these better so the communication between nurse and patient is more open and accommodating 😉


The verdict: Flu.

I had the stupid shot. I listened to the warning that it takes minimum of 2 weeks to get full protection and if I have already been exposed, the shot might not work. Well the only reason we all rushed out and got the shots was because we had kids in the school already testing positive.

My first test was negative a few days ago. I knew it was just a sinus infection. No need for worry. But the fever got worse. So did the sore throat. Today, the test was “inconclusive” and he said that almost always means a positive and the virus has been around longer than a couple of days so the test didn’t have enough whatever kind of cells to say definite positive. But enough mutated something or others were present so it couldn’t be ruled negative. I also had a double ear infection.

3 years I took the flu shot. 3 years I’ve gotten the flu.

And every time, I forget how much it hurts. Not just the sore throat, coughing, ribs cracking, headache, but the actual bones and joints hurting. I feel like a 90 year old woman just getting off a tilt-a-whirl and going to bumper cars.

Happy weekend to me.

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Miranda @ Biting Life

Monday 29th of October 2012

Aww I'm sorry you're sick! I've never gotten the flu shot before, and so far I've been pretty lucky.

Jo @ LivingMintGreen

Monday 29th of October 2012

Aw, sorry to hear you're not feeling well :( The flu shot is probably one of the worst 'inventions' EVER. I've had a flu shot once, and that was also the year I got the flu. Plus, I had such a strong immune reaction from the vacc that I couldn't get out of bed for a day. Never again!


Monday 29th of October 2012

I think this is my last year to try. I am probably better off letting my own system fight off the kid germs. :)