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Laying low

Happy Saturday! Today was a day of resting and, hopefully, healing. I didn’t waste much time with breakfast since I had several medications to take. And then start working on all the water that I need to help get rid of this stuff in my head and lungs. Bacon, eggs, berries and coffee on the back porch. I’m EXTREMELY glad we have a fully private back yard because it was already humid and I didn’t feel like putting on real people clothes.


The one thing I wanted to cross off the summer cleaning list was this room. It has been taken over by school supplies and random junk from vacation. I love my girl cave and do not want it so junky that I can’t use it.



At some point, I got back to trying to solve the kitchen floor issue. It’s still a big hot mess so I’ll tackle it later. I wasted 2 hours with a razor blade, vinegar, baking soda, and mop. I did get up all the built-up wax spots but there is still a lot of work to do to restore the ceramic tile back to it’s original condition.

For lunch (and dinner), I made a huge pot of potato soup. It hurts to chew and swallow and I just wanted soup. My lazy afternoon of sleeping (seriously good sleepy medicine helps!) and snacking on fruit and soup just hit the spot.

potato soup

I think I’m over the worst of this stuff. Maybe…maybe I can get in a brisk walk tomorrow. My lungs take a beating with this so I’m anxious to get better FAST!