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Happy New Year!!

I can’t say I’m sad to see 2014 close out. It was a great year up until August. After August, I just pasted a smile and faked my way through the holidays. I was glad to changes in the weather and the excitement in the kids at school with each fall holiday. I was just ready to put a closed sign on a rough year.

Goals 2015

I don’t do resolutions. I rarely remember then and rarely take them seriously. In previous years, I focused on people, relationships, time and stress management, enjoying the little things, etc. This year, I’m setting some hard goals. Only 2 of them and only with Running and CrossFit. In order to REACH these goals, a lot of mini-goals have to happen.

1. Running-I want a PR in the half-marathon and I want to finish 2015 in the middle of a serious marathon training cycle. I’m looking at New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll 2016.

2. CrossFit- I want to see gains across the board from where I am now. Heavier lifts, heavier max-weight, better mobility, and the unassisted pull-up.

If I’m going to get anywhere close to these, I have to make several things a priority. I need to work on the 4 big components of a Paleo lifestyle (it’s more than diet and more than just food, people!). I need to work on tightly dialed-in nutrition, moving a lot with walking, running, and moving heavy things, QUALITY SLEEP (the newest sleep research is astounding), and Meditation and stress management.

I’m not going to be able to just wake up and run some and lift some and reach my 2 big goals. I have to work on those little things mentioned above. I have great expectations for 2015.

Thanks for hanging in there for the ride. I’ll be back to a more steady blogging schedule this week. I’ll start back with daily reviews, recipes, and my theme days (Real food Monday, X-train Tuesday, One-step Wednesday running posts, Paleo Confessions, Friday Favorites, Weekend reviews and Meal Plans. This will be a VERY busy week with back to school and back to chaos.

Happy New Year!