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Good things

Taking some time to look on the little things today. I get bogged down in big picture stuff and I’ve noticed an increase in anxiety as the summer break comes to an end. I have this feeling like all my ducks are not in a row, therefore I’m not going to start my year off right. I’ve been teaching a while..years…and every summer is a time to recover from the 7-days-a-week-school mode. It’s also a time to pitch routines and go with the flow of things. Most summers, I get projects at home finished, I get blog projects started, I read all the fiction I can get my hands on, re-read my favorite series. I feel ready to start a school year because I’m ready for my routine.

This summer has been very difficult. Anxious is my friend, lately. I’m feeling very distracted, exhausted, and unsettled. I have 2 more weeks to get it together.

And that’s not doing anything to help the anxiousness.

So, let’s look at some good things, lately.

Gorgeous recipe and photo. I thought about this for maybe 10 minutes and made it in about that much time. Click for recipe.

chipotle lime shrim

Raw zucchini noodles. I love using my Paderno spiralizer. I just need to use it more often.

2015-07-14 19.05.24-1

The Blacklist. I needed a new series after Sons of Anarchy broke my motorcycle heart and ended the series. This is FANTASTIC! It’s like outlaw covert Criminal Minds. The new season begins in September so I’m trying to work through the first 2 seasons.

2015-07-15 02.45.50

Another item on the “get your self together” list is starting back to allergy shots. They were one in a long list of casualties that I let die over the past few months. I started back with my tester shots and will start my Friday rotation this week. I have my new Epi-pen ready to go.

2015-07-13 09.52.53-2

It’s no secret my sleep has been BAD for a while. Throw in some workouts and I sincerely thought my sleep would magically get better. It hasn’t. In fact, during the summer, I often fall right into Stephen’s work schedule which is HORRIBLE. He works rotating shift. 4 days of DAY shift, 4 days OFF work, 4 days of NIGHT shift. Since I’m off work, I stay up when he’s awake, sleep when he sleeps. I’m going to cut that out next week and start working on my school sleep schedule. Bed by 9, CrossFit at 5:30am, done by 5, home by 6, bed by 9. I’m trying out some melatonin to see if it helps me. I do not want to resort to PM or Ambien. This is About Time Nighttime Recovery. I have high hopes for this because this brand has been putting out some great things lately.

2015-07-15 02.05.00

This is going to deliver the biggest shock to anybody who knows me.

I’m scouring Pinterest.

For FASHION tips. I have this crazy notion that I need to amp up my school teacher threads to something beyond…all black and leather. I have worn all black my whole life. I wear black hiking pants to work. EVERY DAY. I wear a solid black or denim shirt. EVERY DAY. Think..Divergent-inspired wear. And there is nothing wrong with that. I just think maybe I need some color. Anything but Pink. Or orange. Or the wrong shade of red. Or yellow. So…blues and greens.

2015-07-12 23.02.35

That’s all I have rolling around my head today. Happy Wednesday!