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Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

Gluten Free Valentines Day Recipes

Who needs a few ideas for Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Desserts? I am really enjoying these recipe round up posts! I’ve never made a post for Valentine’s day recipes and I didn’t realize I had a few to contribute. It makes me go back through old recipes, clean them up, edit them for SEO and Pinterest use, and (my favorite) recreate and re-photograph. All of these have been edited to be gluten-free.

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies


I may be really cheating by looking for any red Christmas recipe, but these would totally work for V-day. Pro-tip…buy fresh confectioner’s sugar. That stuff can go skunky quick. Taste the leftover Christmas sugar before using. You can tell it’s gone bad when you taste something that gives you an idea of how strychnine would taste.

Strawberry Mousse


I love this for parties when I want to make a halfway decent presentation. Plus, the portion control is good for most. Otherwise, me and some friends just stand around the mixer bowl spooning out mouse that’s not yet mousse because we’re not going to let it set. Klassy, that’s me.


Chocolate dipped strawberries


This isn’t a recipe. It’s ridiculously easy but takes a time investment. And yet…somehow…lends itself to not actually finishing the strawberries because it’s easier to stand around a bowl of melted chocolate and dip for yo’ self. I sense a theme with these now.

Gluten Free Oreo Balls


No balls jokes, I promise. This is another time-sensitive-if-you-really-want-the-finished-picture-but-could-just-stand-around-a-bowl. I am seriously questioning my baking skills now. I seem to pick things that I might never have to make again because I would get lost in the middle eating the stuff before I could finish the recipe.

Cranberry Bliss Barscranberry-bliss-bars-9_thumb

These are tried and true and you do have to finish these. I make these every holiday season, a few times, and February is the perfect time to make them again. The beauty is in the orange. Trust the recipe. Do the orange.

Strawberry cheesecake

This is so pretty and easy. There is no baking. You just mix stuff, put it in a cute jar if you care about presentation,  and eat.

Happy February and Valentine’s Day!