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Get Stuff Done March Update

2018 Get Stuff Done

March was a blur! I can’t believe April is coming up. I had a few goals for March so let’s check in to see what’s ready to cross off the list.


  • Clean 2 bedrooms. I need a functioning guest room. That came in quite handy when both of us were sick. But I had to crawl over boxes and clutter to get to a spare bed. Also, my office/training room is so full of stuff, there is very little productivity going on. I have spring break coming up and those days are going to be busy with FINALLY getting this brand newly-built house in order from loft to garage.
    DONE!! I cleaned both rooms, moved some boxes upstairs to the loft, and organized a lot of clothes and linens. The garage is now empty and both of us are using it for our vehicles.

2018-04-03 22.47.312018-04-03 22.49.15

  • Put up Christmas dishes. Yes, they are still out. The mug cabinet is still festive. I need to start my Rae Dunn collection and bring my bowls out. Finished!! I have my regular dishes in the open cabinets and bowls in my bowl shelf. Pics coming soon for a house update post.
  • Blog:

    • More recipes! I hope to get in 2 a week, with the focus back on Paleo and Keto. Spoiler alert: The only difference between my paleo recipes and keto recipes is dairy—cheese, heavy cream, and butter. That’s it. Paleo is still more of a foundational, ancestral, sustainability mindset. Keto is strictly dietary.
      Still in progress.
    • Specific book posts on the book page. I have really taken off with the reading challenge and I’m enjoying the book reviews on goodreads. This is probably the biggest change I’ve made this month. I actually have a sub blog for books only. I have custom sidebars for those specific posts and they are posted by category. I changed my header image and even my site name. I’m really enjoying the early access to review copies and writing/talking about books. I also joined another book subscription, Book of the Month. I love that I get to pick my books!


  • Meal prep after spring break. I’m feeling so much better and I need to get back to real food instead of living off coffee and bacon. Not that there’s anything wrong with coffee and bacon. I just might need some green things here and there. Meh. I cooked a couple of weekends for lunch, but not fully on the keto train, yet.


  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville is coming up in late April. I have 6 weeks. But running is not going that great with multiple rounds of flu and pneumonia. I’ve backed my goal to finishing the darn thing. One day, I would like to set an actual PR goal.
    Not gonna happen. Running with the asthma issues is excrutiatingly slow. Not sure if I’m going to try for Nashville.
  • Strength: I have a few options for this. Morning boot camp at the gym. My own at-home workouts upstairs in the loft with weights. The weight room at the gym, depending on the crowds. I’m not fighting meat heads and pink barbell Instabunnies for a squat bar. Someone will get wig-snatched and it won’t be me. Still in progress.

It looks like I now have the house in order, maybe April needs to be focused on getting ME in order. Bring on the spring!

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