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Friday’s Feeling Fancy

2016-09-11 19.10.20

The days are getting shorter and this is a common site from my ridge. Alabama is still ignoring the pleas of all the basic girls around the world. Football is about the only thing I’m crossing off my fall bucket list. That and of course, the first sip of PSL. I managed to get mine early this year, again. It helps to know who to ask at Target Winking smile  This year’s PSL is the first sip of sugar I’ve had since July 1. It was too sweet, but the pumpkin spice flavor was perfection. I can’t indulge in these weekly like I did in previous years. I’ll have to come up with a better option.

2016-09-01 17.07.13

Another thing on my fancy list…my long-running tradition of buying the latest JD Robb on release day. Every September and February, I hit the bookstores for the latest crime adventures of Dallas and Roark. I’ve been doing this since the Memphis years. I have original blue lady covers of the first books in the series. That’s how far back I’ve been reading these. I was always a Nora Roberts fan. When the lady at the used bookstore kept trying to convince me to give JD Robb (Robert’s pen name for this series), I balked for almost a year. Futuristic fiction is not my forte’. But after I read the first one, I was hooked. Dallas and Roark ARE my  favorite fiction couple.

jd robb

Fancy flowers for our anniversary. He worked the whole weekend, I was sick and slept through all 567 football games. Just like my birthday this year, we are declaring next year a do-over. 2016 is a wash with big milestone dates.

2016-09-07 05.40.45

Yes….I could be this person. I’m almost ready to pull out the flannel.

2016-08-31 21.20.16

Happy almost-maybe-one-day-closer-to-fall weekend!