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Friday Favorites December

2018 Friday Favorites

It’s December. We sing songs about stuff. There’s even one about “favorite things”. But, I’m not even going to write it out. Let’s just jump to the commercialism of the season.

1. Clarks slippers. clarks

I mentioned once that my cheapo house slippers didn’t work that great when the ground was wet. Now that we have Atlas, my morning trips to the backyard require real shoes. But my feet are always cold in winter.  Stephen went shopping and found these. They are warm yet have a structured sole for withstanding wet grass and light rain in the mornings.

clarks slippers

2. Tyler candle in “Seasons Greetings”image

I put this on down several times because I was turned off by the pea-green color. It’s disgusting looking. But the smell this candle throws is amazing. It really does remind me of happy Christmas memories.

3. Thieves Roll-on and Christmas Spirit essential oils


Christmas spirit is a fabulous blend of clove, cinnamon, and citrus. It’s Christmas in a bottle. Thieves is absolutely working to keep colds and sinus infections away. Now, I can roll that stuff on before I leave the house. I don’t diffuse it at school due to student allergies, but I use it on myself daily.

4. Letter boardIMG_9054

I bought this from Amazon on a whim. And I have had so much fun with this little board. Changing the quotes takes a bit of time, but it’s unwinding time. And, it requires me to really think back to quotes from favorite Christmas movies.

That’s all for this quick drive-by roundup of a few of my favorite things. Happy Santa is Coming Soon!

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