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After a pretty good day at work, I fought the Krispy Kreme traffic to pick up the CSA box. Its been a few weeks since the brand new KK opened up after being levelled by April 27th tornadoes. We take our fried sugary pastry seriously down here. That could explain the growing obesity rates for Alabama. On opening day of Krispy Kreme, cops had to be called in to control the traffic. People had to park all through the 2 acre lot of scraped off landscape that once held homes for UA  student housing. With the sun setting behind the lot of cars waiting for a donut, I couldn’t help but get a little emotional. The area still bears deep scars from that day but just like the hearts of the people, progress is slow but it’s progress. 

Now that a few weeks have gone by, It’s time to stop the 3pm drive by sugar bombing, people. You don’t need a donut EVERY day. And if I can cut them out of my life for good, surely some people can cut a couple out each week and save the 6 lane highway for other folks. 
The box this week was all about greens!  After a salad, Stephen managed to store the whole bag in the fridge until I can separate it all out. 
While checking out the gluten-free items, the lady introduced me to a new brand of baking goods. I said all along that I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff that is GF but not a BIG priority or not something that I can create on my own easily. Baking goods are a different story. No way can I get all the chemical magic fixed with varioous GF flours and such. I’m good with making gravy or a cream based soup thickener. So, I walked out with 2 things. 
My heart hurt a little at the spice cake. I always make a fabulous baby food spice cake that my mother used to make for us. I still use her recipe. Its not something in a bag like this. BUT, after my first squalling like a baby pity party in the GF ailse, I decided I could still make mom’s cake, but tweak it with this. The brownies jumped in the basket to make me feel better. It was quite a scene in this tiny store. 
Then I went all out and got my first loaf of GF bread. I have no idea if this is going to work or not, but I have a bowl of pimento cheese with pecans that need to be grilled between bread.
So that is out my Tuesday played out. More adventures in learning to eat without a major staple is interesting but I don’t miss the problems that it caused. 


Wednesday 26th of September 2012

I highly recommend Udi's if you want good GF bread. It is the only kind I will eat. Everything else I have tried is a crumbly mess (haven't tried Glutino, though, to be fair). You can get it at Trader Joe's and where I am it is in the freezer aisle in the regular grocery. I am sure you can get it at WF, but I don't know which section. Another good option is the brand Against the Grain (to my knowledge they don't have loaves of bread, though). I love their GF frozen pizzas - they use cheese in the bread and that is what helps keep it adhered together but not hard and crumbly. And there are some good options for doing your own baking - either Serious Eats or the Kitchn (can't remember which) has a GF Tuesdays feature that is quite good. GF pizza dough is very do-able, too! Good luck! I am very much enjoying following you on your GF journey!


Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Thank you so much! I wish I had a Trader Joes close by :( We do have a Whole Foods and I've seen it there. I've also noticed the Against the Grain pizza but wasn't sure if it was good or even edible. I'll definitely try it now that you recommend it. We have a smaller health food store like a mini-WF. I'll check to see if they have that pizza. That is one thing I do miss more than plain bread.