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Im weird. I like open spaces and room to move and work and breathe. I love a clean kitchen. I just wish the Kitchen Fairies would get off their winged butts and back to work. I really wish I could be like that kitchen sink Fly lady who talks about not going to bed before the kitchen sink is cleaned. Maybe that will be my newest goal–because my other goals of running more, lifting more, eating less are just moving along brilliantly. 😐 

I’m really tired this week. Not sure if I’m fighting off the latest Virus of Funk at school or what. But I’m coming home and ready to crash early. Anyway, today’s food was on the upwards of fabulous. I made some broccoli cheese soup using a mix of potato and corn flour instead of wheat flour. I have found the gluten-free solution to cream soups and they taste great!
Broccoli cheese soup
carrots with almond butter
smoked chicken salad 
green beans with olive oil/vinegar
Kind bar and green apple

I love these Kind bars. Too bad they must have been hand rolled, cut, dipped, and packaged one at a time by mysterious pampered trolls in a country that only has dayllight 2 months a year. That HAS to be the reason for the price. 

Check out my portrait. I’m the one with red hair. The other two girls are twins who are her friends. Her quote “Look Miss P, I made you all pretty and in the dress I wish you would wear!” Just for that, I’m wearing my blue maxi dress tomorrow. The one I have to wear a sign reading “not pregnant, just bad choice of dress”.  I thought it was a fantastic drawing for a 5 year old. 

Speaking of clutter, I can’t stand it in the classroom either. I hate this!!   If I have to stay until 9pm tomorrow, this will get organized. 

The drive home usually includes talk radio, podcast, or local station. Not today. I brought out the big guns.  

Tuesday has been gracious so far…just a few hours until the middle of the week. 🙂