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Foggy Fall Mornings

It’s our “professional development” day which means my friends and I get together for breakfast at City Café’ before spending a day doing whatever the administration wants us to do while the kids stay home for a fall break. We get to do this 3-4 times a year and this was a gorgeous fall morning for such early-morning activities.

Before I got to breakfast, I stopped by the bridge boat ramp to get some foggy water pics. When the weather gets cooler but the water is still warm, these pictures are possible. I look forward to mornings like this all summer!


2015-10-12 06.34.50-1

2015-10-12 06.35.01-1

The day was…ok. But here is really how I feel about a lot of stuff we are asked to do. As a Kindergarten teacher, the battle is fierce.

2015-10-12 20.10.33

Running this afternoon was beautiful! I’m sticking to the local park or on the treadmill. I’m so ready to get back to the lake trails and river walk. Fall is my favorite time of year to enjoy outdoor running. I got 2 miles in this afternoon.

2014-09-18 06.07.42

Fall is flying by. Happy Monday!