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Exploring Hilton Head

We slept in a little this morning. Last night’s game was nail-biter.

By the time it was over and we found ourselves in the “win” column, I was toast. It was a long exhausting game and I had already reconciled myself to the loss.

After church, we went exploring around Hilton Head Island. Here are a few pictures.





We found a festival.

 oyster festival

We love to try new foods and see new people, so we paid 6$ to see some oysters. I tried them for the first time last year in Florida but only if they were cooked. I do not eat raw oysters. We found some baked oysters that were fantastic!

 oyster festival 12

oyster festival 8

oyster festival 10

Stephen went for a full bucket of steamed.oyster festival 11

oyster festival 6

oyster festival 7

After we stuffed our faces, we found kettle corn and moonshine. Not a bad combination at all.

oyster festival 3

oyster festival 4

Finally, we said goodbye to Chiggars, the cover band, and said “farewell” this little guy at the exit. He almost came home with me, but I didn’t think Frankie would approve. Maybe one day..

oyster festival 2

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