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Rock Bottom

This is what I posted on IG.

2014-11-08 15.29.49

No race today. I’ve been slowly dying inside since August 13th and running has been a struggle. This vacation is exactly what we needed to talk about us, and where to go from here. #miscarriage is sad and #depression is scary. Hello rock bottom. It’s been real, but I’ve got a life to live.

Not much else to say. We spent most of the night talking things out, saying things that we should have shared for weeks instead of both assuming that talking about it would make the other one upset or sad. It is upsetting and sad and the only way we are going to get through this is together. We either let it bring us closer or let it push us apart. There is no neutral with this. When the sun came up, we had clearer hearts but we were exhausted.

So, we decided to do the tourist thing. I went to get groceries while he sat on the beach for a while. I piddled around Whole Foods and an UNBELIEVABLE Kroger that is trying very hard to compete with WF. I bought my first Christmas present and it had to be for Jackson. He still loves trains and Thomas. I can’t wait to see him again.

 2014-11-08 11.34.48

We spent the rest of the day reading on the beach.

 beach 4





We had dinner at the Crazy Crab. I had the best Shrimp n’ Grits. There is more than just shrimp and grits and I look forward to re-creating this gluten-free dish. This was by far, the best meal I had this weekend. Perfectly cooked shrimp and the grits were course ground with a pan sauce that was divine.

shrimp grits


We got back in time for the Bama-LSU game. It was a tad bit exciting.

We won. In overtime.

Sometimes, the spontaneous is best.

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