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CrossFit OPEN begins tonight!

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In previous years, I opted out of participating in the CrossFit Open for very obvious reasons. I am so far down the list of people who are “good” at CrossFit. My best gains are in the lifting, not so much in other things like pullups and box jumps. So why even put my name down to try, right?

This year, I decided to enter. I have no rose-colored glasses perched on my head. I know that I haven’t made huge progress the past year. In fact, I’m at a new gym and it is an amazing place. That is part of my 15 minute decision to enter the Open. The other ideas: get a baseline score to measure progress NEXT YEAR, be on the Candor team, enjoy the Thursday viewing party and the Saturday Open activites at Candor, the newly offered SCALED version for us non-professionals, and a few other random things. I’m glad I signed up and tonight’s 15.1 announcement just got me all pumped up for this. 

Pay no attention to that workout. Here is the Scaled version:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 hanging knee raises
10 deadlifts (85 / 55 lb.)
5 snatches* (85 / 55 lb.)
*ground-to-overhead allowed

15.1a No scale-1-rep Max, clean and jerk.

I can do all of those. I can hang knee raise, I can deadlift a lot more than that, and I can ground-to-overhead 55lbs. I’m so PUMPED about this. I can do this one!

Until Saturday, it’s game face, concentrate, sleep well (yeah right…I have pneumonia. There is no sleeping with this cough), eat right (mmm..not really…I’m slurping a ton of soup and that’s about it), and get ready to go beast mode. Can’t wait!!

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